140" Chrysler 300

Silver/Gray exterior paint
One piece Window
Color changing opera lights Optional
Tinted windows
Optional Wheels

Engine and Drivetrain:
3.5L V6
Dual Alternator
Heavy duty suspension

Design 1 Click here to Watch VIDEO of this vehicle  

Full length DISCO bar with Disco Design back and fiber optics
Disco Color changing Ceiling /Design and LED accent lights
Full length Disco Color changing Floor with Diamond Design
Fiberoptic Partition/Divider with Disco NY Style Accent
Side Disco Color changing panels with Diamond Design
2 light up soda coolers
10-12 Passenger
2 tone J-seat
CD/MP3 Player
DVD Player
15 Flat TV mounted in the Bar
One 7 display mounted in pillar by the back door
Fiber optics throughout the bar and headliner
Strobe lights