300" Triple Axle H2 Hummer

White exterior paint
3 Jet Door (Gull wing) doors
Triple Axle
Color changing opera lights
Lambo Style front door
4 Roll-Down Long windows
Optional Spinner DUB Wheels

Engine and Drivetrain:
Dual Alternator
Heavy duty suspension
3 Heavy duty Triple Axles

Design 1 Click here to Watch VIDEO of this vehicle  

Full length DISCO bar with Disco Design back and fiber optics
Disco Color changing Ceiling /Design and LED accent lights
Full length Disco Color changing Floor
Fiberoptic Partition/Divider with Disco NY Style Accent
42" Plasma
37" Plasma
Two 27" Flat Screens in the bars
Three 17 Flat screens inside of the door
CD/MP3 Player
DVD Player
High Intensity Color Laser
Kareoke Machine
Smoke Machine
2 Disco Balls inside of the bars
Scrolling LED sign
Outside and Inside Strobelights
Color changing under the car