160" Range Rover HSE

Two Gull Wing Style Doors
White Exterior Paint
White Vinyl Top
One piece Window
Color changing LED Opera Lights
Optional Wheels

Engine and Drivetrain:
Dual 180 Amp Alternator
Heavy duty suspension

Design 1 Click here to Watch VIDEO of this vehicle  

Full length Disco Color changing Ceiling and LED accent lights
Disco Color changing Partition/Divider with Fiberoptic Points
Corner Disco bar with stailness back with fiber points
X-Box 360' inside of the bar
10-16 Passenger
J-Seat 3 tone VIP area
Lighted Glassware and Decanters
Alcohol display case in the back
One 37 Flat Screen
Two 10 Flat Screens
Two 17 Flat Screen Inside of Both Jet Doors
CD/MP3 Player
DVD Player
X-Box 360'
DVD Player
2 light up soda coolers
Strobe Lights
Super Disco Laser
Smoke Machine